Alice Hong is a HCI designer and engineer.


Her work examines the interactive relationship between materials, design, technology, and their influence on user experience, human ergonomics, and social impact.

I graduated from Fiber Science and Apparel Design from Cornell University. I chose to go to Cornell because I love the motto of my college, Human Ecology. It follows what I truly believe in—everything is connected. Just how natural ecosystems work, I believe every subject is related.


Growing up with my dad, who has studied Information Technology, I always had an interest in the intersection of design, media, and technology, and how it can influence the cognitive processes of people. I became also interested in learning about the psychological and behavioral patterns of people. It intrigued me more and more as I learned about not just design, but also the interactions that exist in materials and textiles that form the clothes that we wear. 


Constant technological evolution has always garnered attention. Because I love learning new things, new features, and new perspectives, innovation did not frustrate me, but rather excited me, leading to a flurry of ideas.



On the other hand, when I think about garments, I realize there has not been much progression in the fashion industry. Thanks to the introduction of wearable devices, people have become more accepting of tech fashion. However, I have always felt that there is an unbreakable gap between users and technology.


When new things come out, whether it is a product or system, in order for people to employ and adapt to them, they first need an emotional connection. In order to create an emotional connection, the object needs to evoke their senses to create a personal tie between them. Then, that is when the collection of emotions and memories becomes an experience leading people to integrate the new product or system into their lifestyle. As a designer and engineer, I want to use my knowledge in fashion as a connecting tie, like strands of yarn, weaving the gap between the various fields. 


2019 - 2021

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge

Human Computer Interaction

2014 - 2018

Cornell University, Ithaca 

B.S Fiber Science and Apparel Design

2017 - 2017

University of Vic, Barcelona

Digital Media



I am Humec, Featured Student of the Month


Cornell Fashion Industry and Network


Class Nominee for International Textile and Apparel Association


Barbara L. Kuhlman Inc. Fiber Arts and Wearable Scholarship


Dean Lists 2014 - 2015



CO-DESIGN , Jill Stuart Gallery


Fashion Speaks Gala, Fiber Science and Apparel Design Department


Facade of New Year, College of Human Ecology


Cornell Collective Fashion Show 


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