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Broken Glass - Alice Hong
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Broken Glass

Short Film | 2018

a girl feeling what it is to be loved, feeling warmth through true friendship and connection...a memory of childhood that lasts forever...broken doesn't always mean “broken”...breaking glass...that turns into pieces...pieces of memories..reflections...never can be glued together but will shine individually...
breaking out of her glass shell



Cinematography is a fascinating subject. The film sends powerful, universal messages that are almost palpable. During the process, I learned once again the importance of visual communication. By managing six members and spending 36 hours together, the biggest lesson I learned was how to stay within the guidelines, but not restrict ourselves too much to the plan. Constantly solving problems with different approaches and being flexible were essential skills to have. One must remain composed yet firm and quickly adapt to a newly given, unknown situation. Also, I felt the power of collaboration once again.


Written, Edited and Directed by Alice Hong.

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